Welcome to “Faz in the Community.” For more than thirty years, Chef Faz has been dedicated to community service. “Faz Restaurants and Catering,” “Faz Bakery and Coffee Bar,” and “MacArthur Park Restaurant” are good neighbors in the respective cities of Danville, Pleasanton, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Palo Alto.

“Giving Back” to the community is a core value of Faz Restaurants and Catering” and MacArthur Park Restaurant. On this page you’ll find out about some of the community service projects and events in which Faz’ staff and customers are involved. Email us at fazcommunity@fazrestaurants.com and we’ll consider posting your community news.

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in the Community News

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During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month Faz Restaurants and Catering gives its customers an opportunity to make contributions to help find a cure. See events below. Contribute directly to the following organizations:  

Hers Breast Cancer Foundation
Friends of Faith (In honor of late KTVU Reporter Faith Fancher)
Women’s Cancer Resource Center
American Cancer Society
Susan G. Komen Foundation


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Congratulations to the San Francisco Veterans Film Festival for its 7th Annual Event, November 3-November 4, 2018 at the San Francisco Main Library.  "Faz in the Community" salutes founder Eddie Ramirez for sharing the stories of soldiers and their families.  Click here for details.